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Endurance Hour #253

This week we welcome Erin Carson, co-owner and operator of RallySport in Boulder, Colorado. Erin is the strength coach for many current and former world championship athletes including Mirinda Carfrae – 3x Ironman World Champion, Flora Duffy – 2x ITU World Champion, and Timothy O’Donnell – Long Course Triathlon World Champion.  Erin

Endurance Hour #252

This week Dave and Wendy answer the following question from Todd via email: “Is it a good idea to train for multiple events at the same time, for example, training for a half marathon and a sprint triathlon at the same time. Would they both complement each other in physical fitness? ” If


Endurance Hour: 5 Things Every Beginner Endurance Cyclist Should Know

In this era of hectic lifestyle, long working hours, frequent business travels, intake of processed and junk food and a persistent habit of skipping meals, your decision to step up as an enthusiastic endurance cyclist may demand some lifestyle changes. While an inherent zeal for fitness and athletic perseverance are


Endurance Hour: Key Components of a Training Plan with Timex

Endurance Hour: Do Swim Goggles Matter? (Video Included)

Swimming is a fun activity, but it is more enjoyable when you have the right swim gear on. Swim goggles are some of the items you will find helpful to you during swimming. They are helpful indoors and in low light to offer great visibility. With the goggles, you will

Endurance Hour: How Many Calories Do You Burn by Swimming?

How many calories you burn while swimming depends on your stroke, effort, speed, distance, duration, gender, weight and skill. Because most people swim a mix of strokes at various intensities, computing your exact calorie count is difficult. 19704