Endurance Hour #204

This week: We preview Ironman Texas and Wendy's race prep, discuss Wiivv Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles + Giveaway Offer,  introduce our new Swim Faster 2.0 Video Training Program and our featured guest is Dr. Allen Lim from Skratch Labs (starts at 48:00). Thanks for listening! If you'd like to be a

Endurance Hour #203

This week: Wendy answers a pair of listener questions, 'How to Taper for an Ironman' and 'Rest Days during Ironman Training'.  Roger talks 'Kicking' with Rory Buck and Dave previews 'Swim Fast 2.0'.  Thanks for listening! If you'd like to be a guest on the show or know someone who should

Endurance Hour: Freestyle Swimming 2.0

Introducing an updated and value-packed edition of our popular video training course, "Freestyle Swimming: How To Master the Basics."  We've added 25+ NEW videos to our popular 15-Part video series for a total of 42 instructional swim lessons and demonstrations.  This program NOW includes nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes of

Endurance Hour #202

This week: Dave and Wendy talk about Active Recovery, Swimming 24 Miles in 24 Hours, Race Results and Shout Outs from Ironman 70.3 California, Ironman 70.3 Texas, Ironman South Africa and Ironman 70.3 Liuzhou, Recent Athlete Survey Results and our special fireside chat presentation (Starts at 1:05:45) from Simon Whitfield,

Endurance Hour #201

This week: Dave and Roger record from inside an Uber on the way to Boulder, Colorado for the 2017 Timex Multisport Team camp. Our three guest athlete interviews are: Emily Kratz: The Milwaukee Business Journal awarded Emily with its “40 Under 40 Award,” she has competed in and finished multiple Ironman

Endurance Hour: Clamshell Exercise

A study published in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy found that the clamshell exercise is one of the best for hip strengthening, to help with injury treatment and prevention. The clamshell exercise is often used in physical therapy to help with back pain and sciatica. It helps

Endurance Hour #200

This week: Dave and Roger take a walk down memory lane and share their thoughts and memories on 200 episodes. If you'd like to be a guest on the show or know someone who should be on the show, email  Dave@DaveEricksonMedia.com with "Podcast Guest" in the subject line.  Brands, Sponsors and Collaborators, please email

Endurance Hour #199

This week: In honor of National Nutrition Month (March) Dave and Wendy welcome back Cindy Dallow, Triathlon and Running Coach and Registered Dietitian with PhD in nutrition.  They also answer 3 voicemail questions covering Watts indoor vs. outdoors, training for a Sprint Triathlon and the Compex Electric Muscle Stimulator.  Plus

Endurance Hour #198

This week: Dave and Roger discuss TedTalks with Dr. Harry Cohen and Linda Seppa-Salisbury, Roger's time meeting and racing with George Hincapie, Endurance Sports for Kids/Teens, the 2016 Island House Triathlon and so much more! If you'd like to be a guest on the show or know someone who should be

Endurance Hour #197

This week: Dave and Wendy welcome Colorado Physical Therapist, Paula Nickel on the show (53:00 - 1:28).  Paula is certified in Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), as well as advanced Primal Reflex Release Technique (PPRT). Paula works with high school and college athletes, competitive runners, and triathletes, and has done an