Are you ready to swim faster and more efficiently than ever before regardless of experience level (unless you’re a professional or former  Olympian)?!  Introducing, “How To Swim Faster in 30 Days – 2.0!”   

We’ve added 27 NEW videos to our popular 15-Part Video Series and Training Plan, “How To Swim Faster in 30 Days: A Freestyle Guide to Dropping Time,” for a total of 42 instructional swim lessons and demonstrations.  This program NOW includes nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes of video instruction!

Here’s a short list of some of the NEW content we shot and produced:

  • Good Breathing vs. Bad Breathing
  • Good Kicking vs. Bad Kicking
  • Catch Up Drills Performed Correctly vs. Incorrectly
  • Balance Drills Performed Correctly vs. Incorrectly
  • Swimming Class Breakout Session on Balance
  • 5 One-on-One Athlete Coaching Lessons on Deck (50 Minutes)
  • Flip Turns Underwater
  • Breast Stroke Above and Below Water
  • Butterfly Above and Below Water
  • Backstroke Stroke Above and Below Water

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Join Coach Wendy Mader and Dave Erickson for a detailed 30-day training plan and more than 40+ videos designed to help you swim faster and more efficiently than ever before!

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Swim Faster in 30 Days:

101 Swim Workouts:


Half Marathon Program:

Marathon Program:


Cycling: Drills and Endurance:

Cycling: Strength and Skills:

Cycling : Threshold and Speed:

Cycling: Ultimate Mix:


Beginner Sprint:

Beginner Olympic:

Beginner Half Ironman:

Beginner Ironman:


Couch to Sprint:

Couch to Olympic :

Couch to Half Ironman:

Couch to Ironman:


Advanced/Elite Sprint:

Advanced/Elite Olympic:

Advanced/Elite Half Ironman:

Advanced/Elite Ironman:


Ironman 70.3 CDA Plan:

Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico Plan:


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I used to swim a 100 in 2:15, now I can comfortably swim a 100 between 2:03 and 2:05. I feel my technique has gotten better and I am sure that the more I swim, the better and faster I will continue to get. The workouts are easy to read and understand. I especially love the video to watch first, as you explain the plan. Then the 15 part videos really take the plan to a higher level. I also appreciate the Bonus videos at the end. This is a great plan for beginners to advanced. – Terri

My initial T-pace time was a very un-respectable 2:30 min/100 yd. After I completed “How To Swim Faster in 30 Days”, I tested at 2:15/100 yd. So I made really huge progress and I am starting to feel better about my swimming. I really liked the program. My form got a lot better which allowed me to push my stamina. I can pretty easily swim 100 yards under 2 minutes now. I just have to string more of them together. Thanks. I think I will re-do the program to see if I can improve more. – Bill R

The videos are easy to watch and follow so you can see exactly what to do and then follow up with workouts based on those. If you need help with swimming, highly recommend. Swimming is easy for me but was still great reminders and things to be thinking about along with the workouts. – Kristi