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Fartlek Training for Swimmers on Endurance Hour

Fartlek is a type of training where you do long, straight swimming interjected with random bursts of speed. (Fartlek is Swedish for “speed play.”)

Here’s an example. Let’s say you were doing a 1500 swim with a swim snorkel mounted to your grill. Every 200 or so you would break into a full sprint for a period of a 25-50m, and then dial it back down to an easy, long pace for another 200 or so meters, alternating between medium paced swimming and sprinting for the duration of the rep or set.

Example Sets from


2,500m freestyle kick with a board – Leg conditioning 101.

  • Pick 15m of the 4th 25 of every 100 to go fast on. Alternate between the first 15m of the 25, the middle 15m, and the final 15m.


2,000m freestyle with snorkel – Stroke count deluxe!

  • Swim 35 strokes at a controlled, relaxed pace. Focus on a consistent kick and high elbow catch.
  • Swim 15 strokes at a full sprint (go fast into the walls if you hit a turn before the 15 strokes comes up)
  • You’ll end up doing fast work in every area of the pool—some will be into the wall including a flip turn, some mid-length, some breaking out.



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