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In this episode Dave and Wendy focus on Dave’s preparation before Ironman 70.3 CDA along with training and race tips and strategies learned along the way,  National Triathlon Week, Big News about Ironman CDA returning, they welcome two new members to the t2Endurance Club on Facebook, they discuss how “Stress plus Rest equals Growth”, they talk about how long before an event an athlete will feel the benefits from their training, Do you need a triathlon bike or can you use a road bike for a half Ironman, Sleeveless Wetsuits verses Full sleeve wetsuits,  running in a TRI suit verses shorts and a cotton shirt, visor vs. full covered hat and the 8 Best times to drink water (among other things). If you have any questions, topics or suggestions, email us at or  send us a voicemail to

Post Author: Dave Erickson