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This week we talk about Downhill Running Tips & Suggestions (an email question), How to Choose Your First IRONMAN, We discuss the average income for amateur triathletes and Ironman athletes,  Stoopwafels vs. Honey Stinger Waffles, The Timex Multisport Team is getting replaced by the Suunto Multisport Team, Wendy is named USA Swimming Head Coach for Lifetime Fitness in Woodstock, Georgia, t2Endurance Club topics, Swim Video Coaching and Analysis and so much more!  If you have any questions, topics or suggestions, email us at or  send us a voicemail to Thanks for listening!

Show Notes / Resources:

Swimming Made Easy with over 101 Swim Workouts (50% off for limited time)

Hire Wendy as your Personal Coach (Details & Rates) 

How to Choose Your First IRONMAN

Top 6 Ironman Races for First Timers (VIDEO)

Average Income for Triathletes

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