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Coach Gerry Rodrigues with Emma-Kate Lidbury

This week Dave and Wendy answer the following question from Laura via email: 

I am entering my third season of triathlon and have signed up for Chattanooga Ironman in September. This will be my fourth full distance, and I am looking for a coach for the season. I have had two different coaches in the previous two years, one being a very good swimmer and the other being a very good runner. I have been a runner for many years, but since that is my strength I like to try to maintain that fitness. The swim is my weakest and I am an average cyclist. Fortunately I am one of those people who gets to spend most of the day passing people, which can definitely be a morale booster! It seems like all the coaches I have spoken with are strongest in one of the three disciplines, so I am unsure how to pick my area of greatest need. I am also considering online coaching, but I am looking for guidance on good questions to ask to gauge a good fit.  I need suggestions? Thank you so much for your help, and I love listening to your podcast!” – Laura

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