Who is 101 Swim Workouts for?

These workouts are designed for anyone who swims for fitness, races indoors or in open water as well as athletes training for triathlons.  Workouts are divided into the following categories: Technique, Endurance, Strength, Threshold, Speed and Mixed Bag. Workout distances range from 1500-5000 meters/yards and intensity, zone 1-5 based on your fitness test T-pace.

How is this Guide Broken Down?

These swim recipes offer swimmers and triathletes a wide variety of structured workouts to improve swimming fitness, technique, endurance, strength and speed. We’ve created workouts under the following categories: Technique, Endurance, Strength, Threshold, Speed,  and Mixed Bag which incorporate all four swim strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly), Fun with Fins, Pyramids and Ladders.  What type of recipe your follow is dependent on what stage of your yearly training you are at when you structure your swim workout. Are you in the base, strength or speed phase, phase of your training plans.  Think of these as swim recipes in a scrapbook!  Each workout can be printed out and brought to the pool with you.

How are the Workouts Structured?

Every workout below has one main focus.  Depending on training and/or racing goals, you can select a workout based on intensity, distance, drill work or a combination.  All swim recipes start with a Warm Up (WU) ranging from 300-1000 (meters/yards). One length of the pool is commonly 25 meters or 25 yards long. A lap is 2 lengths, or 50 meters/yards. The intensity level of the warm up should be in zone 1-2.   The idea is to acclimate to the water temperature and include stroke drills.  

BONUS VIDEOS: Freestyle Swimming Drills

You’ll find a video demo of all the drills (listed below) outlined within the workout recipes.  

  • Kick on Side Drill
  • Thumb slide Drill
  • Double Pump
  • Fingertip Drag
  • Fist Drill
  • Head Out Of the Water Drill
  • Catch Up Drill (Under Water View), Catch Up Drill (Above Water View)
  • Underwater Doggie Paddle Drill
  • One Arm Only, One Arm at Your Side Drill


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