Swim Faster 2.0

How To Swim Faster in 30 Days: A Freestyle Guide to Dropping Time

For Swimmers and Triathletes

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"How To Swim Faster in 30 Days - 2.0" includes over 40 instructional videos designed to help you get faster and more efficient in the water than ever before.

Here’s a short list of some of the NEW content we shot and produced:

  • Good Breathing vs. Bad Breathing
  • Good Kicking vs. Bad Kicking
  • Catch Up Drills Performed Correctly vs. Incorrectly
  • Balance Drills Performed Correctly vs. Incorrectly
  • Swimming Class Breakout Session on Balance
  • 5 One-on-One Coaching Lessons on Deck
  • Flip Turns Underwater
  • Breast Stroke Above and Below Water
  • Butterfly Above and Below Water
  • Backstroke Stroke Above and Below Water

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