You’re going to love this training plan! In addition to 12 weeks of running workouts, we also include 12 FREE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS; one before every training week. That’s right!  You’ll be able to see and hear your coach explaining how each training week is organized and structured. This half marathon program goes beyond numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s a multimedia approach along with links to drills, heart rate and pace training so you know the purpose and effort of each workout.

Marathon Running

Each week in this program, we include a mix of running, cross training as well as planned rest days. This program is meant to be flexible based on time and distance. So, before you start this program, you’ll need to be comfortable running between 10-15 miles per week with at least a 5 mile long run. The goal of this half marathon plan is to increase your weekly mileage to 20 -25 miles.

Order today and join Ironman Certified Coach, 15x Ironman Finisher, 8x Kona Finisher, Wendy Mader and 5x Ironman Finisher, Dave Erickson for a professionally produced and guided 12 week multimedia training program for marathon runners:

  • Instructional videos before every training week  (3-10 minutes each)
  • Sample Run Workouts
  • Target Heart Rate Training Zone Guidelines
  • Stability, Core, and Strength Exercises
  • Race Day Training Tips & Nutrition Advice
  • PLUS 10 Bonus Videos:  Speed Work,  How To Avoid Muscle Cramps,  Aqua Jogging,  How to Avoid Overtraining,  Heart Rate, How and When to Warmup, Post Marathon Depression and more!

Course Introduction Video Below

$39 – Training Peaks Download

*PDF Plans have been discontinued

I have been participating in the half marathon plan and I wanted to provide you some feedback.  I really like the progression. It has been challenging but not discouraging. I like the videos and drills to assist with running form. Also, I found it helpful to workout in zone 1-2 while doing the longer runs. That way I don’t go too hard and then not finish. The only part of the workout I don’t enjoy is track days. It is really hard for me  to get motivated to go to the track. I’m trying to embrace the rewards of the track – Amy
Yeah!!! My running greatly improved. In Jan. my run test avg. 10:55 miles. Today it is 9:51. I followed your half marathon running plan and changed my form after your analysis. Bringing my heels up has helped.” -Wendy

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