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Endurance Hour #104

Meredith Kessler Triathlon

Endurance Hour Podcast #104 (2.25.14): Feature interview with 2x Ironman New Zealand Champion, Meredith Kessler from Taupo plus an Ironman New Zealand preview, Beginner Swimming Drills, 6x Ironman World Champion, Dave Scott talks about returning to Kona and Lance Armstrong and only a few days left on our Timex and Blueseventy February Giveaway.


Meredith Kessler Interview from 2013 Ironman New Zealand

Champions Are Made in the Off-Season: Interval Training with Dave Scott

Beginner Swimming Drills: Balance Drill (Part 1 of 4)


Meredith Kessler

Life of a Triathlete by Meredith Kessler

Ironman New Zealand Pro Start List

Dave Scott Inc., 6x Ironman World Champion

6 Nutrition Rules for Endurance Athletes

5 Ways to Simulate Open Water Swimming in the Pool

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