Endurance Hour: 5 Steps to Creating a Triathlon Training Plan

Below are 5 simple steps I follow to help create training plans for my athletes. Step 1: Determine your goal event When I start coaching an athlete, before I write the details of their plan, I ask them to fill out a detailed questionnaire and then we discuss their goals and experience.

Endurance Hour: 2017 Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico 12 Week Training Plan Now Available

San Juan has a rich history that offers tourists a multitude of attractions. Explore the El Yunque Rainforest, Old San Juan, or El Morro Fortress, a designated National Historic Site, while planning your IRONMAN 70.3 race-cation.  Register for the event HERE. Spectators and athletes alike are treated to amazing views on

Endurance Hour: Finding Your Fitness

Endurance Hour: Finding Your Fitness

While training and racing I have often thought about the most important components of fitness in order to perform in the sport of triathlon. Is it endurance? Speed and power? Nutrition? Technique and skill? Mental toughness? The reality is that they all are important. Any given one can be the

Endurance Hour: 3 Easy Ways To Measure Your Triathlon Training Progress

Focusing on your training, nutrition, and recovery are great strategies to use to reach your fitness and race goals.  The big question is, what are you doing along the way to measure your progress and how do you celebrate your success? A really good way to measure progress and evaluate your

Endurance Hour: The Iron in Ironman

Guest Writer: Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD So you’re training for an Ironman!?  You have your coach, your training plan and a big fat goal to work toward.  You have your maximum aerobic function (MAF), your heart rate (HR), your kilowatt (KW)/hour, and your sweat rate permanently implanted into your brain.  But have

Endurance Hour: Siri Lindley Reveals Her Inspiring Personal Story

Surfacing is the inspiring story of Siri Lindley, one of the world’s best triathlon coaches and a world champion. But before Siri came to dominate the sport of triathlon, she was controlled by deep-seated insecurity that sabotaged her races and forced her to hide her sexuality. From her tumultuous childhood

Endurance Hour: Triathlon 101 – 5 Steps To Get Started

What's the first thing that comes to mind about your very first triathlon?  I remember mine like it was yesterday. The summer after my freshmen year in college at Eastern Michigan University, my swimming teammate asked me join a Triathlon Relay and participate in the swim portion of the Great Lakes Triathlon in

Endurance Hour: Post-Ironman Depression

Fast forward to Tuesday or Wednesday after your Ironman. It's very likely that you're sitting on the couch with your shattered legs on the coffee table, scratching your sunburned head as you try to remember your dog's name, which you've forgotten, because all you've thought about for the past six

Endurance Hour: Post Ironman Race Recovery Tips

Endurance Hour: Post Ironman Race Recovery Tips

Completing an extensive endurance event, such as an Ironman, has a profound effect on your physiology. All of the training that you completed prior to the race served to prepare you for the big day. It also most likely made you very, very fit (if not a little crazy!) What

Endurance Hour: 5 Off-Season Tips for Triathletes

5 Off-Season Tips for Triathletes on the Endurance Hour

By Scott Jones - As the racing season comes to an end for most, there is always the question on how to go forward with training into the holidays and what some call the off season. My personal view is for most age groupers, there should not be an off