Endurance Hour: Soup Recipes For Weight Loss


By Sheila Griffin:   Studies have shown that a person's daily calorie intake can be reduced by as much as 20% by trading their lunch meal for soup, also people who included soup with their lunch eat less at dinner time. In fact any meal with high water content, like broth-based

Endurance Hour: Finding Your Fitness

Endurance Hour: Finding Your Fitness

While training and racing I have often thought about the most important components of fitness in order to perform in the sport of triathlon. Is it endurance? Speed and power? Nutrition? Technique and skill? Mental toughness? The reality is that they all are important. Any given one can be the

Endurance Hour: 6 Steps to Mastering the Salad Bar

Endurance Hour Salad Bar

  In an attempt for quick and easy meals, I'm sure it is to no surprise that salad bars are top of the list for making this happen. Most health food stores have salad bars so if you're traveling and in a new city, you can either Google the local health

Endurance Hour: Hydration and Electrolytes 101

Endurance Hour: Hydration and Electrolytes 101 with Dave Erickson

By Katie Rhodes, USA Triathlon - It’s a no-brainer that hydration and electrolyte supplementation are extremely important during these hot months. Although this is a well-known fact, the topic is often dreaded by coaches and registered dietitians when approached by clients because there is no straightforward answer without addressing different internal and