Endurance Hour: Finding Your Fitness

Endurance Hour: Finding Your Fitness

While training and racing I have often thought about the most important components of fitness in order to perform in the sport of triathlon. Is it endurance? Speed and power? Nutrition? Technique and skill? Mental toughness? The reality is that they all are important. Any given one can be the

Endurance Hour: What is Lactate and Lactate Threshold Testing

What is Lactate and Lactate Threshold

So, what is lactate and lactate threshold? Both are very important terms to understand in the world of endurance training.  Lactate inflection point (LIP), is the exercise intensity at which the blood concentration of lactate and/or lactic acid begins to exponentially increase. Often expressed as 85% of maximum heart rate

Endurance Hour: POWERHANDZ Striker Training Gloves Demo and Review

POWERHANDZ are performance-enhancing sports gloves and athletic training products designed to both strengthen hand and arm muscles and intensify players’ dexterity.  POWERHANDZ offers three sets of premium, patent-pending weighted training gloves: Pure-Grip, Anti-Grip and Extreme-Grip. They are designed for Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Football, Golf and General Sports Training. POWERHANDZ also makes a