Kettlebell Safety Tips

Kettlebell workouts are pretty awesome. They engage multiple muscle groups and burn a lot of calories. But in order to make the most of your workouts, there are some key safety tips to keep in mind. Choose the right kettlebell The first step to using kettlebells safely is picking the right one,

Endurance Hour: Clamshell Exercise

A study published in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy found that the clamshell exercise is one of the best for hip strengthening, to help with injury treatment and prevention. The clamshell exercise is often used in physical therapy to help with back pain and sciatica. It helps

Endurance Hour: 9 Benefits of Foam Rolling

The first time I was exposed to this newly-introduced concept of rolling on a piece of foam was during my initial visit to Cornell University. As I entered the hockey dressing room for the first time, I watched Sean Collins, now a member of the Washington Capitals Organization in the

Endurance Hour: Glute Bridge Exercises

Glute Bridge with Ironman Dave Erickson

What’s so great about the glute bridge? It’s simple, it’s versatile, and everyone who sits on their butt for hours or wants to be stronger and more powerful stands to benefit from it. The classic glute bridge is great to perform anytime, especially towards the start of a workout. Remember to

Endurance Hour: 8 Reasons To Start Taking Cold Showers Today

Most of us have been caught in that skin-cringing, and often dreaded moment of being the last one to shower. If you haven't then chances are that you've had someone walk into the bathroom, and flush the toilet mid-shower, leaving you covered in bone-chilling cold water. In these moments, instead

Endurance Hour: Trap Bar Deadlift vs Barbell Deadlift

Trap Bar Deadlift vs Barbell Deadlift

Mens Health: The trap bar isn’t new: It’s been around since the 80s, when according to legend, powerlifter Al Gerard invented it to reduce the stress on his back during deadlifts.   The barbell is shaped like a hexagon in the middle, allowing you to stand inside it rather than

Endurance Hour: How to Perform Dumbbell Squats

The dumbbell squat is a great exercise for beginners. This movement engages numerous muscles in one exercise.  Minimal equipment is needed and you can literally do this anywhere.  The main muscle getting worked is the quadriceps.  Other muscles in this exercise include calves, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Stand up

Endurance Hour: Calf Raises

The calf muscle, on the back of the lower leg, is actually made up of two muscles: The gastrocnemius is the larger calf muscle, forming the bulge visible beneath the skin. The gastrocnemius has two parts or "heads," which together create its diamond shape. The soleus is a smaller, flat

Endurance Hour: Please Take Our 10 Question Survey

Endurance Hour Athlete Survey

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